The Falling Star

When I was shining in the sky..
You stared at me with wonder
I was supposed to be your late Dear
You chose me for everything to share.

When I was falling from the sky…
You lamented on me with somber
I became the subject of your prayer
You worshipped me to make true your desire.

When I am lost…
You think of me, cry for me rare
Then forget thinking there are still thousand to share
I am to you a subject of wonder, prayer but not to be cared.


Why are you sowing the future?

Why are you sowing the future?

When you are busy to nourish thy present.

With the fortunes provided

To you for our eternal betterment.


Why are you sowing the future?

When you can’t reap it.

If you sow let it reap

Don’t left thy work undone before you quit.


You presented me the light
I’m taking you to the darkness
You made me talk
I’m busy to make you speechless.

You fed me the life
I’m offering the malice
You raised me to look after
I’m also raising days after days.

You endowed me the manner
I’m endowing you the nudity
You brought me as preserver
I’m destroying you to preserve me.

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